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Entering our house the first thing that we come through is our doors and they not only save us from unwanted beings but also open our house for u and, now a day’s door has become a style statement also. There are mainly 2 type of doors, further we will talk about them.


(a) French Doors- These are the typical, classic hinged double doors, which we get in most of the houses and are used in maximum numbers because they serve the needs of the house. These are best suited for an opening door as they give more of a traditional look to the house. The size of the opening of these doors can actually vary but these are good when used for medium opening and for wide opening they don’t look good.

 These doors are wooden basically so they can stop the sunlight and wind that blows hard.They also give full security to the person inside, as one can use as many security measures as one would love to.

(b) Patio Doors- These are the glass doors which are opened by sliding and can open wide. They are mostly used for a patio or garden etc, where wide opening is needed instantly without occupying any extra space.Patio doors are made up of glass and for covering them you can use various designed patio door blinds so that everything rests under your control, sense of security is not as good as in French doors.Patio doors are generally used in offices where wide opening is needed with limited space.

So these are the few things one needs to know about the type of doors and as per your convenience you can choose which one best suits you.

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