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Significance of the candle in religion

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The use of candle is so old in religion, almost every religion has importance of light and candles. They represent knowledge, power, wisdom, understanding and fear of lord. The candles are used in religious ceremonies with different faith. Color candles are also represents the various significant similarly religious candles, spiritual candles and Santeria candles, too, have notable importance.

 You cannot witness any religious ceremony without the use of candles. The importance of candles in some religion is:

Judaism- The candle is power of symbol in Judaism. It is lit in every Friday night to celebrate the weekly Sabbath

 Christianity- In Christianity the candles are used for both religious and decorative purpose. They believe the light of candle is light of Jesus this is why you may find the burning candles on an alter in every church.

Buddhism The believers of Buddha place the lit candle in front of the idol of Buddha. The light of candle is considered the symbol of enlightenment.

Symbolism of color

Different color possesses different importance. There are many color candles used by various religious groups for various reasons.

  • Whit e candles are the symbol of protection, healing and represent the unity , peace , happiness and spirituality.
  • Yellow candles represent attraction, charm and confidence.
  • Sliver encourage stability
  • Green candles symbolize prosperity and
  • Red candles are used to signify sacrifice, love and passion
  • Gold candles that are used to symbolize the eternal life, joy and victory
  • Purple candles symbolize remorse and repentance.
  • Brown candles are used to increase the power of concentration, study.

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Few advantage of lighting the candle

Many people find the gentle flickering flame has a charming effect. Candles are easy to use they make you more clam. Candles can increase your personality and confidence. They increase the power of recalling past. As it enhance your focus and concentration. Scent candles create the relaxing atmosphere it is also used by therapist to making a peaceful ambience during therapy.

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