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Sage Advice For Those Seeking Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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By Blake Lockwood, Interior Designer at Decor Snob

Bathroom renovations ideas are often simpler than you think and can be done to make a bathroom look even better. Having a comfortable bathroom is mandatory for everyone because it is an essential room for every member of the family, as well as guests and other visitors.

If you are bored of or dissatisfied with the existing design or decoration of your bathroom, then you can renovate it. By undertaking a renovation, you will create an entirely different appearance and atmosphere, making the room more comfortable and appealing to everyone who uses it.

Bathroom renovations ideas can be implemented in many different ways and to varying extents. However, before you get down to the process of remodeling and adaptation, you had best calculate the budget that you can afford to spend on renovation. Bathrooms can be one of the most expensive rooms in a house to renovate, and you need to plan accordingly.

Once you have prepared a budget, you can apply the following ideas: The first idea is to renovate the bathroom ceiling. Light colors and natural lighting make the room appear fresher and larger. Natural wooden floors feel warm under the feet and are best to install when you have a shower. Also, choose safe light fixtures and other electrical fittings. Safety is one of the most important things to take into consideration when undertaking bathroom renovations.

When remodeling a smaller bathroom, make efficient use of the space by installing an appropriately-sized sink and mirror. A cabinet can either be integrated behind the mirror or below the sink to further save space. The positioning of the mirror is important, as it can have a broadening effect to your bathroom, so it seems less cramped. Bathroom renovations ideas to maximize use of space also include the installation of a sliding door, which can increase the amount of space that can be used inside the bathroom. Frosted glass on windows and doors also allows light in while maintaining privacy.

If installing a shower, choose the correct size for the room, and also make sure you have a fan to extract water vapor and make sure that the wall is damp-proofed and that water cannot leak into the walls.

Choose a color scheme that is consistent, to make the atmosphere more pleasant, and provide plenty of towels for guests and visitors. Finally, make sure to remember to install a lock on the door for privacy!

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