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Restoring and decorating concrete

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Concrete works are beautiful when they are done but they crack and get ugly with the pass of the years. If this happened very early after you had the job done, it may be because of a botched job or because of poor quality materials but even the best job with the best materials will have problems with time. But in this article, we will not address these long-term problems but the short-term ones instead. Concrete gets dirty and needs to be restored from time to time, especially after winter.

If you have concrete in the outdoor it may get moldy, dirty and full of algae. This is unpleasant and removes all the beauty it once had. Fortunately for you, you just need to clean it. Cleaning outside concrete may prove a hard task unless you have a pressure washer. Pressure washers are great for the job because you don’t need to rub the floor and you can do it standing all the time. If you haven’t got that tool, you can always rent one. The alternative is to use oxygen bleach and scrub the floor with a pole which is way more tiresome and hard to do. Never use chlorine bleach outsides if you don’t want to poison grass or trees.

Concrete overlay products are great but you must know what you are doing before applying them. Reading the instructions carefully helps and whether they say it or not, you must work on a clean surface. As clean as possible actually, because the cleaner it is, the more it will last. You have to get rid of all dust and grease and brush away all loose particles before applying it. Using a pressure washer is also a great idea for this. Pressure washers are great to work with concrete.

Choose the right day to apply it. If you choose a humid or rainy day your work is going to go down the drain while if you choose a very sunny day, the overlay product is going to dry too fast and isn’t going to bond as it should. The best is a nice day with a gentle breeze. You can add many colors to the overlay and this is very simple and covered with the instructions but bear in mind you are going to see it for a very long time, avoid bright colors that may look cool at first but boring in the end.

If you plan to tattoo your concrete you really have to practice at first by testing your skills. It is very easy to do a real botch here and you’ll have to stay with it for years or have your work redone. Practice in plastic first and, when you are confident you are doing the right thing move to the real concrete but not before that, removing it from concrete is very difficult and expensive so think it twice before attempting to do it in the real thing.

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