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Perfect Porcelain: Lower-Cost Alternative to Wood Floor Tiles

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Porcelain is an incredibly versatile material that can be used for just about any home design project imaginable, from tiling outside areas to producing kitchen backsplashes — and another great option that’s becoming increasingly popular is to use porcelain in place of actual wood floor tiles.

Using advanced inkjet printing technology, it is possible to create large porcelain tiles that resemble a wide range of different wood types, from the rusticto the elegant. The fact that the tiles are produced thanks to inkjet technology means that the design options are almost limitless, so the floor tile can be made to fit whatever style is in the room that’s being renovated.

One of the most obvious benefits of using porcelain tile for flooring is that it’s going to have a significantly lower price tag than actual wood which can soon become cost-prohibitive when having to cover large floors. In addition, porcelain requires much less upkeep and maintenance than actual wood, and it’s far less likely to stain or suffer other damage from more vulnerable wood.

That durability and versatility of design combine to underscore why porcelain is becoming so popular for mimicking wooden flooring in a home, and there are many ways to use it.

For example, tile can be produced to resemble the light brown type of wood that you might find in a barn or other outside building. The technology has been perfected to the point where the wood can even be made to have the grains of white, and regular wear, that makes wood so attractive. This type of pattern can pair particularly well with neutral colors, such as light gray walls.

Or consider using a slightly darker color by selecting silver porcelain wood tile that is designed to have the white streaks and scratches that might be found in a welcoming cottage. This rustic look is inviting and a great complement to all-white kitchen cabinets and appliances.

But it’s not just kitchens where porcelain wood tile works wonders, as it’s also great for flooring in offices, bathrooms, and elsewhere. A living room can benefit from a copper-colored tile with streaks of brown, gray, and yellow to resemble wood that visitors will think has been there for years. Using these tiles is an easy way to get an expensive desired look for far less money.

Instead of using porcelain wood tile that’s designed to include white streaks and marks, flip the script and use tiles to resemble white wood with darker streaks of browns and other hues. This is a bright, airy look that makes any room inviting, whether it’s the kitchen or a lounge.

Of course, technology isn’t limited to just the four design options mentioned above and therefore homeowners have a wide array of designs available from which to choose. Whatever the end project ends up being, it’s guaranteed to wow anyone who sees it because it’ll provide the same high quality visual as authentic wooden flooring but at a price that won’t break the bank.

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