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Method use by professionals to clean windows

Window plays an important role in house in terms of beauty; good and right kind of window helps the house to enhance its beauty more. It not only works as a beautification but it can also add more value to the house and also protect you from UV rays that is emitted from the sun and it can also helps you to keep your house clean by restricting the entrance of debris and dust inside the house.

There is many more advantages of windows but in order to get the most out of it you also need to take care of your window. But it is also a fact that window is often overlooked and people generally not care of the maintenance of window. However it is important for you to understand the importance of window cleaning, so that you can make most use of your window.

How to clean window

Window doesn’t need regular maintenance if you clean it only with wet cloth only once in week it can prove to be sufficient. In order to do the proper window cleaning you can hire any good window cleaner that is well equipped with all types of equipments and Clean and Clear window cleaner can clean your window perfectly and make stain free.

They do nothing special but they know the technique to do the cleaning. In order to do the hard cleaning such removing stains or stickers first they wet the window and then by using a new sharp blade they easily remove all the stains and stickers from the window. They also make use of solution that contains vinegar one fourth cup, soap half teaspoon that combine with 2 cup of water. Then they spray all the solution on the window that eliminates all the impurities, hard stains easily from the windows.


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