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Feature gravels and stunning “oak” sandstone

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Some people believe that garden landscaping materials should always be a stone, beige or brown backdrop to planting so that the plants are the only source of colour, personality and vibrancy. Whilst this works for a number of gardeners there is more to discover.

The worlds of design, development and landscaping materials never rest. Products are appearing which stretch customers’ perceptions by playing with one material’s appearance so that it looks like another or delivering an unexpected but naturally sourced colour palate.

For example, 20mm Cotswold Chippings and Modak sandstone paving work excellently together as traditional buff and brown hued products but if you wish to play with materials and inject more colour, texture and sparkle in to a modern or themed entertaining space, perhaps around a man (woman) cave, then this article should give you some great ideas about feature gravels and sandstone paving with a twist.

Iberian oak sandstone paving

Indian sandstone products are delightful but just imagine taking this material one step further.

Dream that astounding and aesthetically alluring sandstone paving has been treated so that it also looks like wood.

It’s still natural, exquisite and durable but it also has that “something different” about it.

Iberian Oak Cordara Paving is Indian sandstone paving with a lovely quartz content which allows it to shine in sunlight.

The sandstone paving has been sawn carefully to maximise the visual and operational capacities of the material.

It looks like oak but has the endurance qualities of stone.  It’s got personality and is light so it will expand the garden’s appearance rather than draw the space in.

This sandstone paving masquerading as oak is a feature and a talking point, it will captivate even the hardest to please.

Companies like the esteemed Rivar Sand and Gravel in Thatcham, Windlesham and Tadley supply 10 metres squared packs for installation and the product won’t disappoint. It’s fast becoming a firm favourite.

“Look at me” stones and gravels

If your wallet can’t cope with too much expenditure that doesn’t mean you have to settle for bland concrete paths and traditional gravels.

Coloured gravels are hugely popular and cost effective. You won’t need to be an enthusiastic expert to install them, and don’t forget path edging for a finish with finesse.

The multipurpose Cheshire Pink Gravel is 20mm and it offers pink, purple and grey character filled stones. It may remind you of a pink pebbly beach. 900kg and smaller 25kg supplies are stocked widely.

20mm Flamingo Gravel boasts white, blue-green, pink and quartz stones. Flamingo gravel glistens. Gravel bulk bags are normally in 25kg or 900kg.

Green Basalt is 20mm dark green/grey gravel with a chunky, pleasingly angular finish. It’s hard wearing and will add depth to an outdoor space. Again, this is in 900kg and 25kg bags.

Moonstone Gravel is Thames Valley Flint in 10mm and 20mm. Containing brown, black, grey and white it adds fun and strength to a space.

Remember, experts are there to help you achieve your goals.

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