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Dining tables: which one to choose?

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The dining room is the heart of the home, the place that more joins us with family or friends. In modern houses, also for matter of space, it is often reduced to a corner, but not for this reason lose its value and its importance.

In a spacious living room, the dining table is a key element, not only because it occupies a lot of space, but also because it is able to give great prominence to the room. There are dining tables, aimed only at meal times and conviviality and then there are tables for other needs of the family.

The tables with modern design can be used in different ways: for example, as a dining table, but also as a base for ornaments or plants.

Today, the production of the tables is much changed, in the past the only material used was wood to which was added the glass, or you used the wrought iron; but today the materials used for the production of tables are vast and are built the most unthinkable models, combining the classic to modern to create unique and stylish models.

Some modern living room tables are very particular: they have the strangest shapes and have colors that will brighten and enliven environments; the glossy black models, for example, reflect light and therefore give life to environments. An interesting coupled is between steel and wood, recreating the warm atmosphere of the kitchens of the past and current trends.

The long, rectangular table, with two distant head of the table between them, are the type of dining table that perhaps does more “Christmas dinner.” It is ideal for those who love organize dinners with friends and family.

Poliform, a company that for years dealing of furnishings, offers a wide selection of furniture for all needs and to satisfy all tastes. The Poliform tables are unique and have a very high quality: an example is Mad Dining Table, by Marcel Wanders: a large table with rounded lines that plays on the contrast between the plan, lightweight, and the frame, solid and sturdy; or Blade, by R & D Varenna, a table with clean lines, which interprets the most elementary geometry. Strong combinations between the simplicity, lightness of form and robustness of the material.

In conclusion, the Table selection is very important because you have to consider the family’s needs, as well as the available space.

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