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Components And Materials To Consider For Artificial Grass Installation

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Do you know the materials and components that are needed for the installation of your artificial grass? Well, you need to be knowledgeable with these. Even though, you are planning to hire for professional installers it is still a must for you to know what are the requirements for youto have your desired synthetic lawn.Read on and get to know the following.


The structure that gives main support to turf during an artificial grass installation is the backing. This can be friendly to the environment since there are styles with soy-based ingredients that is not too bad to affect the nature. You need to check if the backing of your lawn is hard and well-constructed for it to last for a long time.


Infill has lot of purposes. It keeps the turf upright, shields the backing from too much heat of sunlight, increases the balance in order to avoid matting and ensures turf to spring back after a heavy traffic. With the varieties of infill materials, you can choose your preferences.


It is the seaming that joins the lengths of synthetic grass. You can have industrial double sided tape, seaming glue and tape, or sod staples as your choices. In choosing, you need to consider the climate, cost and material of the sub-base. Take note that seaming glue and tape is the most expensive but it is appropriate for adding green and is durable while double sided tape is good for a very hot climate.


To set the edges of a turf in place nails are used. It helps to secure and locked the sides of the artificial grass so that it will be intact. There are different length and shape of nails that are available but there is just a type that suits a kind of grass. So, you need to find out the best nails for your lawn in order to make sure that it will protect and hold the turf on its place.


The yarn is the blades of the artificial grass. The color, performance and design of the yarn are the elements that you need to consider for you to pick the best, most durable and most comfortable lawn in the market. The color will tell you if it will look natural, the performance will justify if its life will be longer or not and the design will be based on the area where you planned to set up your lawn.


The foundation of your synthetic grass must be strong enough to hold the entire lawn. It has its effect to its period of existence. Even though you can have different choices for your sub-base, it is still better to have and use sand or gravel.

By keeping these in mind, you will not be ignorant about your lawn. You will not be just an owner of your synthetic grass but also a source of knowledge for some who will possibly ask you. Be sure to choose the right installer and ask some tips on how to maintain your artificial grass from Australian Synthetic Lawns for a wonderful ‘fake grass experience’.

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