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Ceramic Tile: Almost Endless Options for Improving Any Room

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Homeowners often turn to ceramic tile for floor and wall projects because of its many practical benefits. It’s very easy to cut and install, and maintenance is simple by cleaning down the tile with soap and water. Ceramic tile is also incredibly durable, making it perfect for rooms that get a lot of foot traffic and general use including the bathroom or the kitchen.

But the design versatility of ceramic tile is perhaps the leading reason that it continues to be such a popular choice for use in home design, as the options are almost endless.

Starting in the bedroom, ceramic tile can be a wonderful choice for the floor because of its strength and also the fact the wide range of designs mean it’s easy to match it with any kind of furniture. For a welcoming room, consider using ceramic tile with the base color of light brown mixed in with swirls of beige for large tiles that will not only look great but also last for years.

Ceramic tile also looks great moving through the rest of the house, such as using an ogee pattern tile – meaning a double-curved tile resembling the letter “S” – to make a mosaic. Installing several of these same-sized patterns with a neutral gray color produces a mosaic that works great as a backsplash in a kitchen, as a great look for shower walls, and for several other uses.

For a more traditional look in the bathroom, it’s possible to use beveled tiles, which are rectangular ceramic tiles of the same size that gradually slope down at the edges. When produced in a simple white color, these can make for a beautiful bathroom wall lining with an elegant look, with the bright color creating an inviting space and an appearance that will never go out of style.

But just as ceramic tile can be great as a choice for flooring a bedroom, it can also work well in the bathroom. Some homeowners love the idea of hardwood flooring but it can be incredibly expensive to install, requires a lot of maintenance, and can be easily damaged. Instead, consider purchasing ceramic tile that has been designed to emulate wood, including the knots and other marks found in the actual material. One great option here is a light gray tile that the human eye would easily believe is wood cut from the forest, but without any of the headaches of installing wooden floors.

Or perhaps the bathroom calls for ceramic tiles that look more like natural stone, and if that’s the case, beige tiles with swirls of brown can create a beautiful floor that looks like it was cut from actual stone – yet at a likely much lower price and much less maintenance.

These are just a handful of ways to use ceramic tile around the home to make a room truly memorable, but the huge range of designs mean that whatever the room and whatever the project in mind, homeowners won’t be disappointed if they choose to use ceramic tile.

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