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Please do not try this at home or work: If you find that you have a wasp’s nest there are how to videos on social media and some pretty drastic techniques for wasp’s nests removal from so called experts who may advocate pouring boiling water or flammable liquids over a nest.

True wasp removal Berkshire experts like Pest Control Berkshire caution you to NEVER opt for “homemade expert” pest control measures because they can be dangerous, cause untold damage and most worryingly they can result in people spending time in hospital or pets at the vets.

Pest control Reading specialists are in business because they know what they are doing and they do it proficiently without risking their client’s health, home, premises or contaminating neighbours properties.

Please trust the experts, although they charge more than social media and internet DIY tips they’re called experts for a reason.

Wasps shouldn’t always be killed so whenever a so called specialist tells you that this is the only course of action then instantly dismiss this. Their knowledge base is flawed.

Wasp removal Berkshire experts know how vital wasps are to the natural environment and killing them is not the primary objective.

Pest controllers spent most of their time dealing with wasps nests removal in terms of removal and relocation to a more suitable location.

Wasps can be aggressive and they have the ability to sting more than once but mass wasp murdering isn’t effective, it’s hugely counterproductive to the ecological balance.

It’s a measure that is taken as sparingly as possible which is something that “have a go wasp removal champions” don’t seem to understand.

An interesting fact about wasps is that they like to build their nests close to human habitation, it gives them an ideal environment and food sources to take advantage of, it’s only when they are threatened that they’ll attack with their stingers.

They won’t chase you around the house or business premises either. Bees swarm, wasps don’t.

They’ll cluster over food and enjoy a highly populated feast but otherwise it’s a case of “you don’t bother us and we don’t really want to bother you.”

As pest control Reading professionals can attest, wasps do bother people – a lot.

Instead of panicking and waving your arms about manically or fearing for the structural integrity of the property as wasps chew through timber just pick up the phone and talk to an established, highly recommended and effective wasp removal Berkshire specialist.

Please don’t reach for a flammable liquid – ever.

If you have hornets these are as treatable, they may be larger than normal wasps but they don’t sting unless you pose a threat. They just want to go about their business.

Professional firms will allow them to do that, just in another location.

Wasps nest removal is cost effective, timely and the professionals normally wear unmarked uniforms and drive plain vehicles so you won’t need to worry that “her at number 53” will think you’re host to death inducing monsters.

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