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5* UK Luggage carriers

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Are you thinking of taking a seasonal cruise and spending Christmas and 2017 aboard one of the premier cruise ships in luxurious and stylish surroundings?

 If yes, here’s a question for you: How is your luggage travelling?

You’re probably wondering whether that’s a daft question. Luggage travels with the travelers, doesn’t it?

Does it? You may not have heard or read about a quiet travel revolution that’s been taking place whilst you’ve been hauling your luggage around stations and cruise ports.

UK luggage delivery services are becoming ever more popular thanks to top level UK luggage couriers like Tefra-bag’s Luggage Heroes.

They offer door to door and door to cabin unaccompanied baggage services so that they take the strain with your suitcases and bags and you can travel light, wonderfully unencumbered by several kilograms of belongings and the odd Christmas present.

It’s not a palaver to book either. Professional 5* UK luggage carriers know what they’re doing and they’ll guide you through the booking process.

  • Call a luggage delivery services firm with excellent reviews and performance standards.
  • Discuss your travel and unaccompanied baggage needs to obtain a no obligation quote. Remember to book outward and return journeys.
  • When you’re happy to proceed, book your luggage delivery services and relax.
  • Receive unique identification labels – probably barcoded – which must be attached to the luggage to ensure safe and efficient passage through the UK luggage couriers transport network.
  • Arrive at your cruise ship full of energy and with peace of mind. Your luggage will be in your cabin ready for you to depart.
  • As you plan your next holiday the thought of carrying your own luggage will be dismissed. You’ll have joined the luggage delivery services revolution.

How much does it cost to send luggage?

As wonderful as professional unaccompanied baggage services might sound we know that because many people perceive this as a luxury they believe that there’s a formidable fee attached which only makes it suitable for Lord and Lady Moneybags.

Prepare to be amazed if that’s your current opinion.

With 5* rated UK luggage carriers you will pay a pocket friendly £40-45 per item each way. This is VAT inclusive.

When you consider the amount you’re paying for your dream holiday, this is a tiny purchase but it offers delightful freedom from aching muscles and stress.

Some luggage delivery services offer discounts or rebates when the outward and return luggage delivery services are booked at the same time. They’ll let you know about any other applicable offers.

There’s still time to book

Don’t worry that there’s a relatively short time to arrange Christmas and New Year luggage logistics.

Bookings can be made within a week of travel but the sooner you organise it the earlier you’ll be able to have peace of mind.

Remember, proficient UK luggage carriers are experienced and they are confident working at peak times with high level demands on their logistical expertise. It’s what they were created for!

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