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3 Remodeling Projects Every Homeowner Should Consider

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Home ownership comes with a lot of responsibility but also quite a bit of flexibility.  Obviously, you have to make sure that your home maintains its function throughout the life of your mortgage. On the other hand, you have quite a bit of freedom to make changes to your home any time you please.  And these changes can benefit you greatly in terms of both the value of your family’s experience but also in the value of your home if you want to sell it several years down the road.

So here are some of the most common remodeling projects in which homeowners invest in order to increase their home’s two types of value.


Let’s start this list with probably the hardest renovation job you will undertake: the bathroom.  Bathroom remodels are difficult because these rooms are more complicated than other rooms. After all, you have to work with fixtures, plumbing, electricity, textiles, paint, and more; and in a room that is also often smaller than most other rooms of the house, too.

In terms of fixtures, for example, you may find that you are replacing, at the very least, the tub/shower, sink, and toilet but this could also involve storage cabinetry/housing and perhaps other appliances too.  Of course, that means we might also have to deal with plumbing and electricity.


Similarly, Renovco kitchen renovations can find you having to solve the intricate puzzle of plumbing and electricity though in most cases the area you work with is significantly bigger. In addition, though, remodeling a kitchen can be as simple as replacing cabinets or installing new counter tops.

While remodeling the bathroom is the most difficult project, remodeling the kitchen actually yields the best return on investment.  The average kitchen remodel can be around $15,000, but unlike most other rooms in the house, you can recoup most of that in added resale value.


Whether or not you are a conscientious family, it makes sense to consider eco-friendly appliances and design approaches.  Using natural fabrics and textiles tends to give your home a warmer feel but installing low-flow faucets and shower heads can save water, which also saves you money.  And saving water, of course, also helps the planet.

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